Quality Our Customers Count On

Be'eri Digital Group's customers depend on our high quality, immediate response, and reliable delivery. Our extensive expertise and know-how enable us to promptly react to customer needs and introduce innovative products catering to present and future market demands.

As a TQM-focused, ISO 9001:2000 certified company, we ensure that all products and services are manufactured and supplied to the highest possible quality, on time, and to our customers' full satisfaction.


At Be'eri Digital Group, security is a top priority and encompasses products, information, facilities, and human resources.

Be'eri Digital Group is ISO 17799 Certified (information security management standard), and employs strict security strategy and operational methods. A highly-experienced chief security officer has been appointed to lead the development of our security strategy and to maintain the company's high security standards.

Our security methodology covers four main aspects:
Product Security
  • Unique photocopy and cloning proof three-layer scratch panel.
  • Initial opaque layer using confusion panel patterns.
  • A secondary opaque holographic panel.
  • Colored overprint of graphical elements.
  • Tamper evident ultra-sonic wrapping technology.

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Physical Security - Production Premises
  • All premises are secured and guarded 24/7.
  • CCTV system records all external and internal areas.
  • All entrances are monitored by an interlock system that uses technological and biometric identification means.
  • Prevention of external documentation and recording means into the premises.
  • The most strict security standards are upheld, covering all security scenarios.
  • Surveillance is carried out on the delivery and shipment processes from the factory to the airport and follow-up to final destination.

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Information Security
  • ISO 17799 certified (information security management standard).
  • A structure of isolated networks and authorizations ensures maximum information security.
  • Strict procedures and dedicated tools are used to uphold the highest standards concerning data encryption, processing and deletion.
  • Implementation of strict classification and categorization of all information, documentation, equipment, and material.
  • Deliberate penetration and sabotage attempts are initiated to check system credibility.
  • Locally enabled management and supervision for any unusual / abnormal events, enabling the real-time implementation of corrective/preventive measures.

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Audit Security - Human Resources
  • Maintenance of very strict assessment and evaluation processes for employee recruitment and on-going employee assessment, including background inspections, pre-employment interviews, credibility evaluations, etc.
  • Throughout the employment period, each employee undergoes periodical management/expert interviews and lie-detector tests to verify ongoing integrity.
  • Employee checks are carried out periodically upon the entrance and exit of employees to/from the premises.
  • New employee training and periodic refresher-training is carried out to ensure each employee is familiar with his/her obligations.

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